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Lightroom 3 & Smugmug integration

September 18th, 2010 No comments

Just learned today that the latest update to Lightroom 3 includes native Smugmug integration. I always thought Lightroom rocked Рnot it rocks even more.

Smugmug integration was already available using third party plugins that you had to buy. But now it’s part of the standard package (for free)¬†- and it works great! It’s simple to use and, in addition to allowing me to create new galleries¬†entirely from within Lightroom, it also allows me to keep photos in lightroom in sync with what’s on Smugmug. So, if I make post-processing changes to a photo in Lightroom, Lightroom remembers that the photo is posted on Smugmug, and tells me that the gallery needs updating (which I can do with a single-click, of course).

One more reason to love Lightroom…

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