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Woo hoo!! No Tears!

February 24th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Woo Hoo!! Today is the BIG day – a tear free drop off at the day care! Okay fine, so relative to everything else in life, this may not be the biggest achievement (she certainly won’t be getting 8 gold medals for this), but for us, it’s a big occasion. After almost two months, Ria went to day care with no fuss or tears. Of course, since she only goes a few days a week, I’m sure the first day back after a gap will result in tears, but we’ll enjoy our victory while it lasts!

Normally Ria starts crying as soon as we pull into the parking lot and she recognizes the building. Today, there were no tears. If she doesn’t cry in the parking lot, she most certainly cries as we enter the building. Not today though. Once we made it through the front door, I was convinced she’ll cry as we walk to her classroom and she sees her regular environment. I opened the door, we walked in, and still not a tear. I looked at her teacher with a sense of surprise. I sat her down and took off her coat and hat – not a word from her. She just looked around the room at the other kids. The teacher asked her if she wanted to go play, and she willingly went to the teacher. I didn’t know what to say – I was floored! I kissed her goodbye and left, she continued played. A few minutes later, I snuck up to the window to peek in thinking she must be crying, but no. She was playing with the toys. I could hardly believe it! We had been longing for this day to come and we’re glad it’s finally here.

What a great day! Now if only the markets would stop their 6-day landslide…

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