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So tired… But must go on…

June 3rd, 2004 No comments

It’s been a hell of a week! For two nights in a row I’ve contemplated working on my Chicago essays when I get home, but it just hasn’t happened… I’ve been suffering from a stagnant headache for the last week or so, and it just won’t let me get any work done. I’m glad the weekend is almost here – if I sleep in on Saturday and get caught up on my rest, maybe I can still salvage the days between now and the Chicago interview (6/18).

So, why am I so tired? Well, it’s a little bit of everything… Between work, home, admissions, and friends, I’m barely staying afloat. This past weekend (Memorial weekend) a college friend of ours got married. We helped with wedding preparations and all the other events that go along with the typical Indian wedding… Needless to say, sleep was not a luxury afforded to us. The wedding events were also quite stressful (Murphy’s Law holds: everything can and will go wrong at the same time). However, we all survived, and I think Sanket and Morli, the newly wed couple, had a very memorable wedding… Mission accomplished…

So now, after my one week break from applications, I’m trying to get back on track. The Chicago essay question that has perplexed me the most is Please describe a recent change you experienced at work, discuss how you handled the situation, the outcome, and what you learned from the experience. (300 words). I’m sorry, my daily job just isn’t dynamic to the level that I’d write about in the essay… Sure a lot changes every day, but do you really think the ad com wants to hear my technical jargon? Then, on the other hand, there are the huge changes that are going on in the organization (restructuring)… But they’re so high up that it has no immediate impact on me, so there’s nothing to write about there either… What shall I do??!!

I’ll ponder this essay a little more… I’ll have to break ground on it soon or I’ll jeopardize the app altogether!

I’ll write about all the frustrations at work later…:)


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Here we go again….

June 1st, 2004 1 comment

Well, after several months of silence, I’ve decided to let the world hear my voice again – I’m breating new life into my blog… I guess I just got lazy last time… Actually, it was less laziness and more technical difficulties that suffocated my blogging days earlier… My server went (and is still) down… Blogspot is the temporary home for my blog – as soon as I find the time to get yash-patel back up, I’ll move my blog there…

I think I last posted around November of 2002, right before I went to India to get married… In a nutshell the last year and a half have been very dynamic… I’ve gotten married to the most beautiful woman I know, switched jobs, wrecked my car, bought some cool toys, and finally gotten serious about grad school (an MBA to be more specific)… No, I still haven’t “grown up”!

I decided to start blogging again because I wanted to give all my friends a central place to keep up with what’s happening with my grad school applications, and my life in general… I’m actually a little late in joining the game since I’m about done with 75% of my applications, but heck, it’s never too late to get started…

If I start writing about my apps now, I’ll ramble on and on until you fall off your chair with boredom… So instead I’ll make an effort to pace myself and give you little bits of info… Today I’ll simply tell you which four schools I’m applying to: University of Chicago – GSB (Graduate School of Business), Michigan Business School, New York University – Stern School of Business, and finally The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon…

Over the next few days I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on… In the mean time I have to figure out how to use all the other features of Blogger!!

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