NYT published a book excerpt detailing misconduct allegations against the justice, which he has denied. Trump has come to his defense.

President Donald Trump called on his Justice Department Sunday to "rescue" Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after The New York Times published an excerpt of a new book detailing sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh that he has previously denied.

Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch deliver for Trump

President Donald Trump's two Supreme Court nominees -- serving their first term together -- did their part this week to showcase their conservative judicial philosophy and deliver on Trump's vow to reshape the judiciary and turn the court to the right.

Conservatives fought for Kavanaugh. They hope it was worth it

With 20 remaining opinions on the Supreme Court's docket, conservatives will soon learn whether Brett Kavanaugh is the justice they hoped he might be.

All the times Trump has said he's 'felt badly' for people

CNN's Brooke Baldwin rolls the tape on all the times President Donald Trump says he has "felt badly" for politicians and allies.

Opinion: Justice Kavanaugh wants us to know he's won

Remember Dr. Christine Blasey Ford?

Revisit the Ford and Kavanaugh testimonies

Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh delivered dramatic and contradictory testimonies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Attack on Saudi oil field a game-changer

• America has a huge stash of oil. This is why • Reporter: This is a 'startlingly dangerous moment' in Middle East • What the attacks mean for oil prices

10-year-old girl contracts brain-eating amoeba while swimming

Muslim-American mayor says border agents confiscated his phone at New York airport

A Muslim-American mayor of a New Jersey town says border patrol agents wrongfully detained him and kept his phone when he arrived at JFK International Airport last month after returning from a vacation in Turkey.

At least 22 people injured in deck collapse at New Jersey beach house

At least 22 people were injured Saturday evening after a deck collapsed at a home in Wildwood, New Jersey, according to representatives for area hospitals.

NFL star honors his girlfriend after she dies just weeks after giving birth to their daughter

'Hate is on the rise again': Joe Biden delivers impassioned speech on race in Birmingham

Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered an impassioned speech to commemorate the 56th anniversary of the bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, on Sunday, warning that racism and white supremacy still persist in the country.

Stelter: Democrats' message is getting lost

CNN's Brian Stelter discusses how the media surrounding President Trump and the push for impeachment proceedings focuses on the process, not the impeachable conduct itself.

One year after being shot in the head, this police officer participated in a 5K

Last year, a police officer in Covington, Georgia, was shot in the head while responding to a 911 call. This weekend, he defied all odds to participate in a 5K.

Buttigieg knocks Biden's 'bad answer'

CNN's Jake Tapper questions Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg about former Vice President Joe Biden's answer on the legacy of slavery during the third Democratic presidential debate.

'No turning back now': The inside story of James Comey's trip to Trump Tower

Josh Campbell is a CNN law enforcement analyst and former FBI supervisory special agent. His bureau career assignments included serving as special assistant to former FBI director James Comey. The following is an excerpt from his new book, Crossfire Hurricane: Inside Donald Trump's War on the FBI, Copyright © 2019. Published by Algonquin.

Opinion: Two big surprises from Texas

It was a raw, visceral moment at last week's Democratic debate when Beto O'Rourke discussed the human toll of the massacre in his hometown of El Paso and vowed, "Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47."

Cupp: Want to beat Trump? Don't do this

CNN's SE Cupp reviews the ABC Democratic debate, pointing out that if Democrats want to prioritize beating President Donald Trump in 2020, they're no longer acting like it.

This is the prison where Felicity Huffman wants to serve her 14-day sentence

• Opinion: Felicity Huffman is a role model for how to own up to your crimes • Here's what she said at her sentencing

Auto workers union says it will strike against GM at midnight

• A union scandal is making negotiations harder • GM issues recall of 3.4 million pickup trucks, SUVs to fix brake problem

Braves player hit in the face with 90 mph fastball

Woman uses hair dryer to stop speeders

The Montana Highway Patrol awarded a grandmother with the unofficial title of "honorary state trooper" after she has attempted to slow down speeders in her neighborhood using a hair dryer.

Andrew Yang weighs in on 'SNL' cast member's bigoted comments

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang again responded to racist comments made by new "Saturday Night Live" hire Shane Gillis, saying he's faced Anti-Asian racism throughout his upbringing but also that "our country has become excessively punitive and vindictive about remarks that people find offensive or racist."

School took away boy's cheesy breadsticks on his birthday. It didn't go over well.

Jefferson Sharpnack tells CNN's Ana Cabrera how his hot lunch was taken away from him at school on his birthday due to an unpaid balance on his account. When his grandmother realized some other children were in the same boat, she helped spark a change in policy.

Ash Ketchum finally becomes a Pokémon Master

What vapers think about recent health warnings

Opinion: Ken Burns' new documentary 'Country Music' is essential viewing

We're divided by culture as much as politics. The roots of red state vs. blue state tribalism reflect the different ways we live in rural and urban America. But while these divides run deep, they are also simplistic stereotypes that are reinforced by ignorance and insults.

Hear speeding driver's blunt excuse to cop

When an Ohio driver was pulled over for allegedly going 131 mph, he gave a unique explanation for speeding in his Lamborghini.

Former NFL player accused of destroying his business to make it look like a hate crime

A former NFL player is facing criminal charges after he allegedly destroyed his business near Atlanta to make it look like a hate crime burglary, police said.

Fighter's moves looked more like a gymnastics routine than MMA fight

Michel Pereira may have lost to Tristan Connelly at UFC Fight Night in Vancouver on Saturday night, but he certainly won the crowd -- and the internet.

Even by Cam Newton's standards, his most recent post-game outfit was extra

Most of the NFL's Week 2 games won't be played until Sunday, but it's a good bet Cam Newton has already worn the most talked-about outfit of the week.

Former college basketball star: I never saw a penny for this

Ed O'Bannon, who led the 1995 UCLA basketball championship team, sued the NCAA and video game maker for using his likeness. He still hasn't seen any proceeds.

The world's most valuable soccer club now has a women's team

It may be the most valuable football club in the world, but it has taken until 2019 for Real Madrid to have its own women's team.

Church of Scotland sues for share of $2.5 million Viking treasure trove unearthed on church land

The Church of Scotland is suing a man for a share of a $2.5 million Viking treasure trove he discovered with a metal detector on church land in 2014.

1,200-year-old comb holds clues to Viking runes

A 1,200-year-old comb, discovered in Denmark, is shedding light on the mysterious birth and development of the Viking alphabet.

Two rare Viking burial boats uncovered

Archaeologists have uncovered two rare Viking boat graves in the Swedish village of Gamla Uppsala.

Viking ship found buried in Norway

Using cutting-edge technology, archaeologists discovered a nearly 66-foot-long Viking ship buried in southern Norway.

Solving the 'climate mystery' of the Vikings

Evidence of Viking settlements in Greenland conjures images of the intrepid Norse that settled there amid freezing temperatures centuries ago, between 985 and 1450. But as evidence grows to the contrary, it seems like Vikings may have been a little more comfortable, temperature-wise, than we thought.

A whale washed ashore in Maryland and people tried to push it back into the water

A young whale stranded early Sunday morning on the shore of Ocean Springs, Maryland, has died, the state Department of Natural Resources said.

Meghan marks Prince Harry's birthday by posting previously unseen photo of Archie

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has wished her husband Prince Harry a happy 35th birthday with a message on Instagram, sharing a new photo of baby Archie.

Watch epic flash dance form at a wedding party

At Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones' wedding, they surprised their guests with a choreographed flash dance.

'Hustlers' exceeds box office expectations opening weekend

"Hustlers" may not have taken the top spot at the box office, but it was arguably the weekend's biggest winner.

Long Island City tries to move on after Amazon HQ2 debacle

If you walk around Long Island City on any given day, you'll see cranes everywhere and new apartment buildings popping up seemingly overnight. Improvements are being made to multiple subway stations. And new businesses are opening, including a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop and a dance studio for kids.

Lamborghini could revolutionize electric supercars

Lamborghini's newest supercar, the $2 million Sián hybrid, will be the fastest and most powerful Lamborghini ever made. But it also represents a small step toward what Lamborghini hopes will be the future of electric cars.

Cannabis industry calls for legalization and regulation to snuff out underground vapes

The recent rash of vaping-related illnesses and deaths could represent a crisis for the legal cannabis industry, which relies on vaping for an estimated quarter of its business in some states.

What getting rid of tobacco taught CVS

This month marks the five-year anniversary of our removal of tobacco from all our stores, and it remains a source of great pride for CVS Health. Without question, going tobacco-free was a bold, purpose-led action that significantly impacted our bottom line, but it was the right decision for our brand, our business and the health of the country.

Trump was orange before light bulbs became efficient

Let's get one thing straight, Donald Trump was orange long before the government phase-out of incandescent light bulbs began more than 10 years ago. Like his bizarre, pumpkin-colored coiffure, the President's complexion has been an unnatural phenomenon for at least a decade.

Felicity Huffman is still a role model

Wealth, privilege and celebrity will not be keeping Felicity Huffman, 56, out of jail. Apologizing and accepting responsibility, however, will certainly shorten the length of time she stays there. Judge Indira Talwani made the right call in imposing a 14-day sentence based on Huffman's role in the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal. She is also required to perform 250 hours of community service, pay a $30,000 fine, and be subject to supervised release for one year.

AOC attack ad was a complete failure

Many Republicans must have thought it was a bold and brilliant move to place an attack ad on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known as AOC, during the third Democratic debate on Thursday. But the content of the ad drew attention to serious shortcomings in today's Republican Party, and the context in which it was aired only highlighted it as a perverse lie.

Alyssa Milano: I met with Ted Cruz. This is why

Let me start by saying this: I don't want to take away all guns. In fact, I can't think of a politician or gun violence prevention advocate who has suggested repealing the Second Amendment. However, I do believe it should be really, really, hard — if not impossible — for certain people to get their hands on certain guns.

'She Said' shifts the ground beneath our feet

The epilogue to "She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement" is written around a scene that would land on the cutting room floor even of a feminist dream film.

How to combat the anti-vaxxer message

On a recent day in my pediatric practice, I met a bouncing toddler and her parents. They, like my wife and I, are both working professionals. We shared the struggles of modern parenting -- getting our kids to bed on time, then ready in the morning so we can get them to childcare or school and ourselves to work, and then starting it all over again the next day.

Refi rates at 2.875% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?

8 cards charging 0% interest until 2021

5 stocks that could set you up for life

No-deal Brexit would be a 'catastrophe' for travelers, experts say

Food shortages. Inadequate medical supplies. Civil unrest and road blockades. Lack of fuel. Delays at the border.

Rugby legend reveals HIV diagnosis

Former Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas has revealed he is HIV positive and has vowed to help "break the stigma" surrounding the illness.

Iran reacts to Pompeo's claim of blame for Saudi attack

Houthi rebels in Yemen are claiming responsibility for the drone strikes on the world's largest oil plant in Saudi Arabia. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh has Iran's reaction to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's claim, without proof, that Iran is behind the attacks.

Putin builds war chest as Kremlin digs in for the next crisis

In the latest display of deepening cracks in the West's formerly unified economic campaign against Russia, France's Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told reporters Monday that "the time is right" for reconciliation in EU-Moscow relations.

Frankfurt motor show hit by huge climate protests

Thousands of climate protesters descended onto the streets of Frankfurt Saturday to protest against the role of Germany's car industry in climate change and the destruction of the environment.

Tropical Storm Humberto is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane

The Bahamas missed the brunt of Tropical Storm Humberto, which is expected to become a hurricane Sunday.

Former priest likely to spend the rest of his life in prison for abusing altar boy

A former Roman Catholic priest who spent decades on the run was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for sexually abusing an altar boy in New Mexico.

Girl's lemonade stand made over $700 for K9 unit

A 3-year-old girl lit up her Wisconsin community after she donated hundreds of dollars to her local police department's K9 division, all through the power of lemonade.

2 injured when fight between parents led to shooting at youth football game

A woman and a girl were injured in a shooting at a youth football game in Fort Worth, Texas, a police spokesman said.

Panic after reports of shooter at movie theater

Reports of a possible shooter at a mall in Virginia sparked panic Saturday night as people hid in stores and officers searched for a gunman. Hours later, police said they'd found no evidence of a shooting inside the Ballston Quarter mall in Arlington.

Photoshoot of New York's skyline will last until 2045

When Joseph DiGiovanna was looking for an apartment to buy in Weehawken, New Jersey, the most important thing for him was the view.

Fashion photographers reveal their secrets

Hours on end confined to two feet square, teetering atop a box amid screams, shouts and sometimes violence. And you might not even walk away with anything usable. It's no life, working in the photographer's pit.

New York like you've never seen before

For photographer Landon Nordeman, finding beauty in the everyday is a full-time job. So, it's no surprise that his hometown of New York provides an endless source of creative and personal inspiration.

Designs of the Year shortlist revealed

The world's first gender-neutral synthetic voice, New York's new cultural center The Shed, and Uber's colorful Jump electric city bicycles are among the nominees for the 2019 Beazley Designs of the Year, an established annual award and exhibition run by London's Design Museum.